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    I'm a web developer based in the heart of Mildura, Victoria. This is my personal space. All views are my own.

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  • My focus is local

    My ideas are global

    To achieve success in web development and web design, apply your global ideas to a local audience first.

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  • This is how I build things

    Adapting To A Responsive Design Environment

    I strongly believe in responsive design. Creating great looking websites for the full browser experience and mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad. I believe that everyone should get value out of a website or application.

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My Latest Posts

Mobile App and Mobile Website Development

What is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website? I’m glad you asked.  A mobile website is […]

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Shopify API and PHP

Shopify is a great solution if you want to rapidly deploy an eCommerce solution.  I found working with the Shopify […]

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Responsive Design for your Website

In the last couple of years in Australia people have adopted mobile devices, not just as a gadget, but as […]

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My new Mildura website

After some time I’ve decided to launch my new website.  This is mainly a showcase of my projects and ideas.  […]

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Web Developer / Web Concept

“With just over a decade of experience in software and web development I have learned that the only constant is change. To achieve the greatest success you have to be able to adapt, learn and teach.”

It's not just work, it's a collaboration

Understanding the requirements

There is no “I” in teamwork, but there is 1 in achieve.  One has to work well within the boundaries of a team, but be self-disciplined to deliver your worth in this environment.  Collaboration is what made the web work, no great piece of software, website or design has ever been created by just 1 person.

The Web Machine

I believe that Web Developers and Web Designers are the gears that makes your web experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

Information is everywhere

Information is like an infinite loop. It should be free and available for everyone who wishes to access it. If you would like some more information on website and the web, feel free to read my insights.

Communication is key

Social and Web is the perfect compliment. Wouldn't the web be a lonely place if we could interact with others?

what i use to achieve results

My Tools

I believe in using the best tools for the best results.  From developing websites to creating mobile applications there is a range of solutions which can sometimes be confusing.  I have a handful of trusty tools I use to help me achieve my goals when implementing something from concept / design.  Feel free to browse my list of favourites.

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How I do what I do

After years of software and application development one builds up an unique skill set. One of my main skills is being able to find solutions to problems. The best way to approach problems is to research. If you want a great looking website, see what the industry leaders are doing, and why they are doing it. Innovation isn't always inventing something new. To have invented the combustion engine, we first needed the wheel. It takes years of experience to understand requirements; from websites to mobile apps to digital marketing and design - The concepts first needs to be understood before it can be utilised.
  • I love what I do

    All my websites, software and applications are built with love and attention. I don't want to deliver something with only function. I believe it should look good as well, whilst capturing whatever the requirements.

  • The internet is there to help

    There is almost an answer for any question on the internet. The key is to know what your are looking for; Sometimes the most difficult thing is asking the write question.

  • Use the correct tools

    Don't re-invent the wheel. If there is great existing content management systems, use them. The last thing you want to do is waste time on something that has already been done successfully.

  • Be creative

    Even if you are extremely technical, don't be afraid of being creative in your designs.

My Latest Projects

Feel free to browse my latest projects. Some was for my own enjoyment, other was done whilst employed / contracted.